Essay About Apples: The Versatile Fruit

A Few Tasty Apple Uses

  • apple crisp;
  • apple pie;
  • apple sauce;
  • apple butter;
  • apple cider;
  • apple wine;
  • apple jelly;
  • dehydrated apple slices;
  • caramel apples;
  • applesauce cookies;
  • candied apples with cinnamon;
  • apple bars;
  • coffee cake with apples;
  • apple bread;
  • apple flavored milky way bars;
  • apple fruit chews;
  • apple cereal;
  • apple chips;
  • a fresh apple from the tree with salt sprinkled on every bite.

Games They Used to Play in the 1960’s

When I was a younger teen, there were certain parties, probably Halloween, where the entertainment was to fill a large metal washtub with water, and fill it with water and dump a box of fresh pickled apples into it.

There were probably multiple tubs so that multiple people could participate and race for the first apple. I don’t quite recall, but I do remember it being a ‘thing’ at a few get together’s that I was at.

The object of the game was to keep your hands behind your back, and use only your mouth for picking up an apple. Most of the time, the person had to locate target apple and press it all the way to the bottom of the washtub to get enough pressure behind it to bite it.

Thus the entertainment. Who cared if the person almost drowned doing this. Many times, only one person did it. Some willing person. Many of the people who watched it happen, did not participate themselves. I do not think I ever bobbed for apples, but, as a child did witness the activity.

A Dry Apple Game

There was another game that was played in teams. The first person would put the apple in the space between their shoulder, neck and underside of chin, and the next person on their team would attempt to remove said apple with their shoulder, neck and underside of chin. This would continue until the last person on the team had the apple and would then, cross the room to the waiting finish line.

I think this game was also played with other fruit, like grapefruit or oranges.

Johnny Appleseed

When I was five, I remember hearing a song, somewhere, where some man sang about apples.

As the story goes, he had a bag of apples, and as he walked across the continent, he ate an apple and tossed the core and seeds on the ground, where they sprouted and created a new apple tree.

I’m going to Youtube and see if I can find a video with the song.