Money-Back Guarantee

Cases when a refund cannot be considered:

The payment was covered either fully or partially using the Customer’s Store Credit Balance (the portion covered with the Store Credit Balance is non-refundable).

The customer’s initial instructions were accurately followed after a thorough investigation by our Quality Assurance Team.

Customer chose Additional services such as Plagiarism report, Abstract page, Top/Advanced/Premium writer, VIP service/High priority, and discounts.

The stipulated requirements and regulations outlined in the “terms of use” policy were not adhered to.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is not refundable as it is exclusively taken by the government.

There is an ongoing dispute in our system.

Once the 10-day free revision period has elapsed, commencing immediately after the order deadline.

Customer orders problem-solving, multiple-choice assignments, or any projects involving calculations and utilizes the answers provided by our expert, meaning they automatically approve them. However, if a writer achieves only half or less of the correct answers, the customer is entitled to a partial refund. The Billing Department assesses the refund amount on a case-by-case basis, with the percentage corresponding to the number of correct answers.

The paper received a score below the customer’s expectations. It’s important to note that we do not guarantee specific grades, as grading is subjective and dependent on individual teachers’ perspectives. Therefore, we cannot control the outcome in such cases.

If a customer requests a cancellation and refund when the paper was already accomplished by our expert and there is still time before the client’s deadline a refund will not be possible, and the client will receive the paper within 10-15 minutes from the cancellation request.

If the customer fails to provide comprehensive and clear instructions for the assignment, neither a full nor partial refund will be considered. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all necessary materials and required guidelines.

If a customer has made a payment for a lesser number of pages, problems, words, or PowerPoint slides than specified in the instructions/files/guidelines, and refuses to proceed with the additional cost for the order, we will proceed with what was initially paid and provide a draft of the assignment.

Opting for the Inquiry service indicates that our company evaluates the instructions, locates a specialist, and presents you with the final price and deadline. If you decline to make the payment, the sum for the inquiry service is non-refundable.

The draft cannot serve as a basis for a refund since it is an optional feature on our website. The draft does not represent the final version of the file; therefore, cancellation or a refund request cannot be made after it is received. Instead, you can share feedback with our writer, and they will make necessary adjustments based on your comments.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

To initiate a refund, customers are encouraged to contact our Support Team. The order will then be directed to our Billing Department for a careful investigation, resulting in a final decision. Typically, this procedure is completed within 3 business days. However, the specific details of each case may influence the duration, leading to variations in processing time. It’s important to note that failure to respond to the manager’s offer within 5 business days will result in the termination of the refund request. In such cases, any funds paid, whether in full or partially, will be retained as a Store Credit Balance in the client’s personal account on our website.