Essay About Some Brand-Name Coffee Makers

As Coffee Makers Go

I have to make a stand and just tell the truth about my time with two different coffee makers. This series of thoughts are about my owning a Mr. Coffee (maker) some years ago, and although the machine did make coffee, I was somehow “not feeling it,” as Modern Society says in 2019. Why? Please humor me to tell you.

I do NOT have anything against the Mr. Coffee Corporation or products. Just want to get that on the record. In fact, I was given a Mr. Coffee about 10 Christmas days or more, and at the first when I opened the beautifully-wrapped box, my wife and daughter held their breath. I didn’t. I just kept tearing the Christmas wrapping paper with snowmen and Christmas trees until I reached the box itself. I saw in big type: “Mr. Coffee” that was all I needed to know that I would be drinking coffee for years. I didn’t even attempt to read every word and phrase in the box because, in all honesty, I am not a patient box-reader. I should take time to read appliance boxes, because at my age now, 65, I do have the time to soak-in every feature an appliance tell me. So now, I feel that (over the years) I have let my impatience rob me of a lot more good things that I did not read.

There were a few understandable problems with my Mr. Coffee, and none so troublesome that I felt like the world was going to end in the next seven minutes, but that was my thinking. If it makes coffee, any coffee, I can go forward. And my wife and daughter saw my Melt-Down on many Saturday mornings when I would sit waiting at our breakfast table waiting . . .waiting . . .and still waiting for (a) cup of coffee! Geez! What was the problem?

I did, after all of my boasting, call the Customer Service number and in about 20 minutes or less, I was back and business. The reason that my Mr. Coffee was slow in brewing coffee was I was instructed in my Owner’s Book, that I should have let White Vinegar be run through the coffee maker’s tubing system thus cleaning the tubes so my coffee maker would work better.

It did. But as the months went by, more little things went wrong and they were fixed. The honest truth is: I was about to shop about a better coffee maker. Again, my owning this Mr. Coffee DID brew great coffee, but there is something about the brewing system that must be as smooth as the coffee in order to make me smile.Black & Decker DCM100B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, BlackI have to tell you, friends . . . One of the best items, which I love, is that I can plug-in the time, up to 24 hours, so my coffee will be brewed when I get up from sleeping. And talk about thinking of everything, this coffeemaker, cuts itself off after 2 hours. I cannot even think this sharply. The water can be easily-measured when filling the reservoir. Sometimes I can’t wait for my coffee to finish brewing, so this coffeemaker stops instantly when I want a cup of coffee to get started on my morning. Friends, this machine knows ahead of time when to start brewing my coffee up to 24 hours.

I Will be as Honest

as I can be. I am a coffee lover. I have been this way from the tender age of six. I shall never forget my dad, our “Family Patriarch,” who knew more about life than I do now, who first introduced me to drinking coffee. At first, he put two teaspoons of sugar in my first cup of coffee and it tasted good. I went by this system for a few weeks, but when I would notice the way that my dad drank his “Joe,” it looked black. (e.g. without sugar or coffee creamer). I wanted to try that system.

At first, my dad did not allow me to drink black coffee, not because some voodoo priest had placed a curse on the coffee beans that made the coffee we were drinking, it was simply put as he said, “son, you are not ready enough to drink black coffee.” This remark was strange, but when you are nine, most anything and any series of words can be strange.

But I persisted. I started asking for black coffee, but this time, in a more-serious tone. I guess that did the trick, because at the morning of that next Sunday, my dad handed me a cup of hot, BLACK coffee. I was almost terrified. The black coffee at first, looked like a monster ready to take me out, but as the coffee cooled and I was preparing to take my first sip, I settled down. It was time. My childhood days were hanging in the balance. It’s either grow as a young man, or stay in the Days of Youth.

My lips firs touched the rim of my coffee cup, then a small sip of my black coffee entered my mouth and at first, the coffee tasted bitter. But (at dad’s coaching), the coffee began to taste better and better. And from that moment, I was instantly-propelled from being a boy to a young man. At least that was how I felt by knowing how to drink black coffee. I didn’t tell you in the beginning of this piece that I loved and still love black coffee—anytime, anywhere black coffee is sold or made in my home, I am there.

I just happen to own a Black and Decker coffee maker that I swear by. Not literally, but I would put my coffee maker against any other coffee maker in the open market. This is not to say that other coffee makers are not good to use, but when I plugged-up my Black and Decker coffee maker, I was in love. Everything the book said that I would receive by buying this coffee maker . . .worked. No frustration and no first having to call a Customer Service number. Did I die and end-up in Heaven?

I love every feature I have with my Black and Decker coffee maker, especially the Pause Brewing which allows me to lift-out the bowl and pour myself a cup of coffee before the entire brewing cycle has finished. I know. I am one who just cannot wait for my coffee. And friends, my coffee tastes much better by me owning a Black and Decker coffee maker.