Essay About Tender Roast With Creamy Gravy

Pot roast is a HUGE staple in the Miller household. We absolutely love it! I’m pretty much obsessed with it! I can eat it at any time, for any meal, every day.

So one day I decided to come up with my own little recipe for pot roast with a gravy sauce on top. Our regular recipe was more so the inspiration. I just wanted a thicker gravy instead of a Coke and Dr. Pepper broth. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would turn out but I must say it’s actually one of my favorites!

The best part is the gravy is good on mashed potatoes as well as Mac and cheese! It’s extremely easy to make and it you can make it stove top or crock-pot. This a fantastic winter meal on days you need a quick and easy “mix and go meal”.

The ingredients are a bit odd and may not sound like a good mix but trust me they are perfect!


  • Pot roast (we always get ours at Sams Club you can usually get them 2 for about $24 but it depends on their weight)
  • Dr. Pepper (amount varies either grab a 2 liter or approx. 6 cans)
  • 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
  • 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
  • Water (amount varies)

(you can add Lipton onion soup mix or fresh sliced onions for even more flavor. We often add soup mix to ours if we want more flavor but honestly the juice from the roast and the cream of chicken blend beautifully.)

Easy and Quick Directions

So like I said this roast is super easy and takes very few ingredients and steps!

  1. Mix together all 4 cans of soup. Then I usually add 1 can of water.
  2. Put roast in crock-pot (or a stock pot on the stove) and pour soup mixture over roast.
  3. Pour in Dr. pepper. I usually only pour enough to make sure the gravy mixture completely covers the roast. So the amount usually varies on the size of the roast but no more than 1 2 liter or up to 6 cans.
  4. For crock-pot cook on high for 4-6 hours or until roast is tender; falls apart easily; and is no longer red. For stove top cook on high for about an hour stirring often then reduce heat to medium and stir often.
  5. Remove from pot you chose to use. Place on plates. Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

And it’s that simple! Like I said the extra gravy is perfect for mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese. But it’s also perfect by its self on the roast! The sides you can do with this meal are endless! We generally do enjoy mashed potatoes with our roast and a vegetable such as corn or green beans. And it’s great for a family dinner all together at the table or if you want to make your self a meal and save the leftovers for lunch/dinner later in the week. Plus it is picky eater approved in our home by our toddler!

I hope you guys absolutely love it!