Essay About Chemo Therapy and its Effects

Surgery, radiation, and medicine are used in treatment of most cancers. Chemo is the type most used and seems to be effective in most cases. Radiation or photon treatments are very effective, When any drug is used to treat cancer, it is called Chemo treatment. Unfortunately this often damages the Lymph system and other organs of the body a great deal. There needs to be a more effective way in dealing with specific types if cancer. This “hit or miss” type treatment has too many flaws.

Most doctors in oncology are very dedicated and do try to give their cancer patients as good a treatment as they know of in medicine, There are new ways and medications that very well may be more effective when concentrated upon. leukotrine B-4 or LTB4 helps reduce the process of fluid retention and a medicine used in Asians countries for years called Bestatin, may well be an answer to chemo treatment. It lessens the extreme suffering and hurt that many patients undergo as a result of cancer treatment, Having witnessed a family member go through this treatment and have damage to many bodily functions and organs, I can testify that chemo should be more carefully carried out in patient treatments and rehabilitation.

Lymph edema may occur when there is damage to the lymph nodes.Lymph nodes and the body’s vessels work together to keep a good balance in the patient’s system. With proper treatment in Bestatin and other good meds, using exercise, and attention to food intake, the problems of Chemo and Lymphatic illnesses may be eradicated. There simply has to be a better process in cancer treatment without “sling-shot” chemo that harms way too much.

In some instances Chem is used to shrink tumors although it can’t totally eradicate cancer growth.Tumors then may eventually grow back. Radiation is used to kill the cancerous growth and is one recourse to drugs that are used.Biological therapy may be used in living material forms of bacteria,vaccines or antibodies to destroy cancerous growth at times and can be an alternative.

There may be new and more important methods in dealing with cancer in the future.As for now, there is much room for improvement in the use of Chemo as the old stand by. Perhaps our research into other countries might provide a new and better way in addressing this most daunting disease. If a drug called Bestatin has been used for more than twenty years as an effective means in dealing with cancer, we may well need to try this new drug here in our own country. I know there is hope for the future and many dedicated researchers are busy trying all that they can. We are an intelligent people and I know there will be better times ahead of us all. Many blessings to all who may read this article and I know our futures will be brighter.