Essay About Five Ways to Improve the Health of Your Hair

Wash less

Wash your hair less. Yes less! If you clean your hair too much you get rid of the healthy oils that keep your hair healthy, shiny, and growing at the right rate! Also if you wash it too little though your hair becomes too oily. Too keep your hair at the healthy level you should wash it 2-4 times a week, though if you wash it more you can keep it semi healthy by using good conditioner and brushing your hair!

Change your shampoo

The kind of shampoo you use can have a huge affect on the health of your hair. You want to avoid any shampoos with a long list of chemicals that are in them. Shampoos that say they are natural are usually a good choice though you should view the ingredients that are in them before you buy it as not all natural shampoo is actually natural. Also change your shampoo up every so often. Don’t keep to the same kind, alternating shampoos makes your hair much shinier, healthier, and grow faster.

Use oil treatments or natural methods

Natural methods are often the best methods when it comes to having healthy hair. One kind of natural method that has proved to be hugely effective time and time again is the oil method. All you do is take a kind of oil, preferably light oils or coconut oils. You gently massage these into your scalp and down to your roots. Once you have the oils well massaged into your hair then put it up into a shower cap and allow to sit for several hours. Once you have let it set take a shower and wash the oil out. It can take 1-3 washes to get it completely out of your hair.

Other natural methods include egg yolk, sour cream, yogurt, vinegar, or many other things. This can improve the way your hair grows and helps to mend split ends.

Don’t dye your hair

This should be an obvious one but people always dye their hair then complain about split ends or it not growing how they want. Hair dye is extremely unhealthy for your hair and if you still choose to have your hair you need to practice healthy hair care. Meaning use plenty of oil masks and natural methods, make sure you have the right shampoos and use conditioner for dyed hair. Another thing if you must dye it avoid bleaching it. A way to get around that is simply dye it blond two weeks before you dye it your other color if your hair is too dark to apply the dye directly onto it.

Eat helathy

Yes, nutrition can have a huge influence on the health of your hair. The hair your body produces is directly related to the nutrition you have. If you eat unhealthy fatty foods then your hair will be unhealthy and dry. If you eat a well balanced diet with plenty of all the needed nutrients for your body can make your hair silky and smooth. Another thing is vitamins. Good vitamins to take if you worry about the health of your hair is fish oils, B vitamins, and iron. These are all good for your hair and promote healthy growth and can even help mend split ends.

This is not all!

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of ways to keep your hair healthy. These are just the ones that I feel are the most important. Theres many other methods you can use some people even make their own shampoos and conditioners. Making your own soap, using salt and sugar scrubs, and having hair masks are more great ways to improve the health of your hair. If you feel that your hair is lacking the shiny, vibrant, soft feeling then you should definitely try some of the methods listed above, and also get your split ends cut. If you go to the salon to get your haircut ask your stylist and they will typically be more than pleased to suggest items they feel would be beneficial to the health of your hair and suggest ways that you can improve your health and the health of your hair! Many stylists now are also encouraging more natural approaches to healthy hair, because it has the best results in the opinions of many people who have used them!