Essay About The Beginning of Something New

A Crappy Year

2019 has been a year I would like to remember and to forget. The parts that I would like to remember and will cherish forever are the days that my daughter and grandson and I traveled. We went for wonderful long weekends to some unforgettable places; we went camping and sightseeing and just away from home. I will write about those wonderful places in future articles.

The parts I wish I could forget, and hopefully soon get over, are the parts in our lives which are mostly uncontrollable like getting fired from a job after 9 years, or falling and breaking bones, or necessary surgeries and recoveries. These are parts of our lives that are supposed to make us strong. How does that saying go, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” but it should say what doesn’t kill you still hurts and pisses you off for a long time.

I will start on April 4, 2019 the day I got fired from my job. I was a good employee, always on time, always went above and beyond, my clients and co workers loved me. I excelled because I loved my job. I started getting sick in September of 2016 and by April 2019 I was fatal. I had been in and out of the hospital, had numerous medical procedures and was diagnosed with several fatal diseases, like heart failure, myeloma, ulcers, diverticulitis….and several other bullshit diseases. Basically, I used to throw up in my trashcan just to make it thru the day. My supervisor never offered to lighten my workload, instead constantly reprimanded me for making mistakes. So, I got fired for being sick.

On July 4th, 2019, on one of our trips, I fell off an electric scooter and broke my knee in 2 places and fractured my pelvis. I was in a wheelchair for two months. On October 14, 2019, I finally had surgery for a Hiatal Hernia, recovery estimated at 8-12 weeks.

So here we are the first Day of December 2019. As of this day, I am broke, getting a small retirement check. I am still in pain from hurting my back a second time. I don’t have a job, my car is on its last leg, and I have decided to move on to a hopefully different path in my life and I would love for you to come along.

This is a somber article, but I assure you that I am a very different person, I’m a strong, funny, optimistic person with a lot of great stories to tell. Thank you for joining me for Day 1, please come back often to see where life takes us.